Chef Neill Howell shares his journey and passion for modern British cuisine

Chef Neill Howell shares his journey and passion for modern British cuisine

Engage your mind with 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, where host Rob Lee guides the way on an enthralling discussion with Chef Neill Howell, an accomplished culinary artist with a journey spanning across continents. Born in England and shaped by his experiences in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, and Brunei, Neill's passion for cooking led him to refine his skills across esteemed establishments in London, New York City, Los Angeles, and now Baltimore. With an impressive background that includes roles at renowned restaurants like Langan’s Brasserie and The Stanton Social, he brings a wealth of expertise to The Corner Pantry. As the owner and executive chef, Neill's commitment to utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients and drawing inspiration from his global experiences defines the modern British cuisine he crafts. Beyond the kitchen, he balances family life and his passion for triathlon competitions, embodying a holistic approach to his journey as a chef.

In this feature, we unravel:

  • Chef Neill's culinary origins, beginning with his humble start washing dishes at a Tex-Mex restaurant at 14, and explore how this early experience shaped his culinary path.
  • Chef Neill's journey across continents, from England to New York City, and ultimately to Baltimore in 2011, as he shares the transformative moments that led to his settled culinary identity.
  • Delve into the philosophy behind The Corner Pantry's approach to cuisine, diving into the world of modern British flavors created with locally sourced ingredients, and the intersection of tradition and innovation.
  • Explore Chef Neill's personal ethos as he discusses the core values of commitment and hard work that have guided his culinary career, and how they play a role in the kitchen.
  • Join Chef Neill in a discussion about his deep passion for crafting dishes that celebrate the vibrant flavors of England while utilizing the rich offerings of Baltimore's local farms, weaving a tale of culinary fusion.
Chef Neill Howell, owner and executive chef of The Corner Pantry, shares his journey from England to Baltimore and his passion for cooking. He discusses his first job in the kitchen, the challenges of running a restaurant, and the importance of sourcing local ingredients. Chef Neill also talks about the daily grind of working in a kitchen and the satisfaction of creating delicious dishes for his customers. He emphasizes the need for commitment and hard work in the culinary industry and shares his vision for The Corner Pantry.

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Chef Neill Howell
Chef Neill Howell
Chef Neill Howell is the Owner and executive chef of The Corner Pantry, a Relaxed, contemporary restaurant serving locally sourced, modern British cuisine