The Truth In This Art with Creative Alliance's Jason Steer

The Truth In This Art with Creative Alliance's Jason Steer

In this episode, Rob Lee and Jason Steer explore the intersection of arts, culture, and community. Steer shares his Caribbean heritage and his path into the creative arts, detailing his time at the Apollo Theater and his work in education and workforce development. He emphasizes the importance of exposure, authenticity, and inclusivity, particularly in a project aimed at the deaf community. Steer also discusses his role at Baltimore's Creative Alliance, focusing on supporting artists from marginalized communities. The conversation touches on Steer's creative process, his excitement for the potential in Baltimore, his humorous views on English cuisine, and his interests in anime and sports. The episode wraps up with Steer inviting listeners to engage with the Creative Alliance's diverse cultural events.

Episode Content:

Experience at Apollo Theater (00:06:25): Jason discusses his time at the Apollo Theater, engaging the community and providing opportunities for youth.

The Impact of Exposure (00:13:29): Rob and Jason emphasize the importance of exposure and representation for people of color in creative fields.

Creative Process and Stages (00:17:28): Jason explains his creative process, from ideation to execution, and how he prepares new work.

Engaging with the Deaf Community (00:19:28): Understanding and incorporating technology for accessibility in projects for the deaf community.

Joy and Challenges in the Creative Process (00:21:58): Finding joy in creation and ensuring perfect execution amidst challenges.

Strategies for Marginalized Communities (00:28:39): Allocating resources and building relationships to support marginalized artists.

Community Engagement and Collaboration (00:32:22): Collaborating with arts districts and responsibly planning community support.

Recognizing Creativity and Potential in Baltimore (00:34:53): Highlighting the value of creativity in Baltimore and recognizing its potential.

Direction of Creativity and Community (00:37:59): Jason discusses the focus on creativity and community at the Creative Alliance.

Commitment to Leadership and Passion (00:38:56): Sharing his commitment to the Creative Alliance and encounters with its passionate founders.

Watching Anime and Sports (00:43:54): Jason talks about anime and his excitement for the basketball playoffs.

Creative Alliance Events and Activities (00:45:38): Inviting listeners to follow Creative Alliance on Instagram and highlighting upcoming events.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Exposure to diverse cultures and communities is crucial for personal and artistic growth.
  2. Authentic representation and inclusivity in the arts empower marginalized groups.
  3. Supporting local artists fosters a vibrant and diverse cultural community.
  4. Engaging with cultural institutions like the Creative Alliance enriches one's understanding of the arts.

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