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Juanita Anderson & Danielle Eliska : Filmmaking in Detroit's Landscape S9E

Juanita Anderson & Danielle Eliska : Filmmaking in Detroit's Landscape

· 52:49

In this podcast episode, Rob Lee hosts a discussion with Danielle Eliska and Juanita Anderson about their experiences and perspectives as filmmakers in Detroit. They explore the city's influence on their work, the importance of community, and the unique challenges faced by black women artists. Danielle shares her journey from writing to filmmaking, inspired by influential directors, and her later venture into photography. Juanita discusses the industry-wide issues of funding and distribution for black filmmakers and the joy of the creative process. Both guests highlight the significance of mentors and personal support systems, their preference for early mornings, and the value of health and meaningful possessions. The episode concludes with a light conversation about the last movies they watched for fun. πŸŽ₯πŸŒ†πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸŽ¨

Episode Highlight:

  • Early motivations for filmmaking (00:04:09) - Juanita and Danielle discuss their early motivations for pursuing filmmaking and storytelling.
  • Creative influences and impact of Detroit (00:10:36) - The guests talk about the creative influences in their work and how being from Detroit impacts their artistic processes and community support.
  • Empowerment of Black women artists (00:15:23) - The conversation shifts to the empowerment of Black women artists and their unique ability to bring healing and resilience through their work.
  • The importance of authentic storytelling (00:17:49) - Discussion on the significance of telling authentic stories and amplifying marginalized voices in the visual realm.
  • Challenges and fulfillment in the creative process (00:18:11) - Exploration of the fulfilling aspects and hurdles in working in photography, filmmaking, and screenwriting, particularly related to financial constraints and resource accessibility.
  • Creating space and overcoming industry obstacles (00:23:56) - Addressing the obstacles faced in the industry, including funding and distribution, and the need to create spaces to honor and amplify diverse voices.
  • The impact of Seed and Bloom Detroit on artistic endeavors (00:28:07) - Danielle expresses gratitude, emphasizing how the grant allows her to focus on her work and Juanita reflects on shifting her mindset to view herself as an entrepreneur, recognizing the opportunity to grow her business and contribute to building the infrastructure within their community.
  • Building infrastructure and supporting local talent (00:31:40) - They discuss the importance of building infrastructure to support filmmakers and the efforts to provide opportunities for local talent, particularly in Detroit.
  • The perception of Detroit's filmmaking scene (00:35:44) - They discuss the filmmaking scene in Detroit, the challenges, sustainability, and equity.
  • Key mentors and influences (00:40:19) - Danielle Eliska and Juanita Anderson discuss influential mentors and their impact on their work.

Key Takeaways

  • Detroit's culture and environment significantly shape the creative output of its filmmakers.
  • Community support is crucial for black women artists facing unique industry challenges.
  • Mentorship and strong personal networks are key to navigating and succeeding in the film industry.
  • Balancing health and valuing meaningful possessions can contribute to a filmmaker's well-being and productivity.


Website: www.danielleeliska.com, juanita-anderson
X: @filmanderson
Instagram: danielle.eliska, juanitaanderson_film
LinkedIn: Danielle Eliska L., Juanita Anderson

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Original music by Daniel Alexis Music with additional music from Chipzard.

Episode illustration by Alley Kid Art.

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Creators and Guests

Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Danielle Eliska L.
Danielle Eliska L.
Screenwriter | Film Director | Interdisciplinary Artist | 2024 Seed and Bloom: Detroit Fellow | 2023 Culturesource + Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts Flourish Fund Recipient
Juanita Anderson
Juanita Anderson
producer, filmmaker, media educator, cultural activist, global citizen from Detroit


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