Desmond Beach: Artist on Race & Healing in Art - A Baltimore Story

Desmond Beach: Artist on Race & Healing in Art - A Baltimore Story

In this podcast episode, host Rob Lee interviews interdisciplinary artist Desmond Beach. They discuss Desmond's art, which addresses race, identity, and social justice, aiming to heal and uplift the black community. Desmond works in various mediums, influenced by his Baltimore upbringing, church experiences, and figures like James Baldwin. He talks about the impact of his family's support on his art, the resonance his work has with audiences, and the challenges of being a black artist. They also explore the role of art in sparking dialogue on racial trauma, with Rob emphasizing the importance of such conversations in cities like Baltimore. Desmond reflects on his performance art's evolution, embracing it as a public practice infused with ancestral connections and cultural heritage. 🎨🎙️

Episode Content:

  • Glasses and identity (00:00:53) Discussion about wearing glasses and the identity of being an artist.
  • Influences on art (00:10:35) Desmond discusses the influence of James Baldwin, everyday people, and family on his artistic sensibilities.
  • Unpaid Journeyman (00:16:01) Desmond reflects on his childhood and the support he received to pursue his artistic interests.
  • Recognition of Art (00:17:35) Desmond discusses the rewarding aspect of his art being recognized for its deeper meaning and impact on viewers.
  • Impact of Trauma in Art (00:27:13) Desmond discusses the influence of real-life situations and trauma on his work, particularly related to the experiences of black individuals.
  • Baltimore's Multifaceted Nature (00:30:50) Desmond and Rob discuss the multifaceted nature of Baltimore and the importance of authentic representation through art.
  • Releasing Trauma (00:34:20) Desmond shares his experiences of visiting sites of trauma for Black bodies and his mission to release trauma for collective freedom.
  • Baltimore as a Leader (00:36:18) Desmond emphasizes the potential of Baltimore and its people to become leaders, drawing parallels to the story of Moses.
  • Performance as Healing (00:40:40) Desmond explains how performance is a crucial part of his art practice, particularly in honoring his grandmother and expressing gratitude.
  • Ancestral Influence (00:49:01) Desmond shares how he incorporates ancestral guidance and recognition into his artistic process.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Art can be a powerful tool for addressing and healing racial and social injustices.
  2. Family support can significantly influence an artist's confidence and the development of their work.
  3. Engaging with art can facilitate important conversations about racial trauma and identity.
  4. Performance art can serve as a means to connect with one's cultural heritage and honor ancestral history.

Social Media Links:
Instagram: desmondbeach
LinkedIn: Desmond (Artist_Activist) Beach

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Desmond Beach
Desmond Beach
Desmond Beach is a New York City artist and educator who explores race, identity, and social justice themes in his artistic practice. Through his work, Beach aims to transform the tragedies of the transatlantic slave trade and the Jim Crow American South into a celebration of fully living Black life.