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Domonique Brown: Elevating Black Art in Retail Spaces - An Artist's Tale S9E23

Domonique Brown: Elevating Black Art in Retail Spaces - An Artist's Tale

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In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee interviews Domonique Brown, a Pomona-based artist, designer, and marketing professional. Domonique discusses her creative journey, from early recognition in high school to founding Domo Ink, aiming to bring black art into retail spaces. She recounts her educational background, her initial office job, and her breakthrough with a solo art show. Domonique's art is influenced by her culture and Los Angeles's vibrancy, and she emphasizes the importance of authenticity and resilience in her work. The episode also explores the dynamics of brand collaborations, the business aspects of art, and the emotional challenges of entrepreneurship, offering insights into the creative industry's complexities. 🎨✨

Episode Content:

  • Early artistic influences (00:04:33) Domonique Brown's earliest memories of drawing and the influence of her preschool teacher on her artistic journey.
  • Transition to a creative career (00:08:44) Domonique Brown's academic journey, from graphic design to marketing, and her decision to transition to a creative career.
  • Artistic awakening and career change (00:14:51) Domonique Brown's decision to quit her job, start selling her artwork, and her realization about the importance of marketing herself as an artist.
  • The portrait mishap (00:16:34) Domonique shares a funny story about a teacher's critique on her portrait of Rihanna.
  • The impact of museums (00:19:54) Domonique explains how visiting art museums in different cities has influenced and inspired her art.
  • Navigating brand collaborations (00:28:26) Domonique discusses the importance of fair compensation and creative freedom in brand collaborations, and the red and green flags to consider when approached by brands.
  • Domo Ink's Inception (00:33:48) Domonique Brown explains the origin and evolution of her art brand, Domo Ink, and its growth into a recognizable brand.
  • Empowerment through Art (00:36:02) The role of art in representing cultural identity and the empowerment of black artists and consumers.
  • Lessons in Business and Contracts (00:45:56) The importance of contracts and business savvy in creative endeavors, and the lessons learned from past experiences.
  • The struggle of creativity (00:46:54) Discussion about the challenges and lows faced on the creative journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Returning to factory settings (00:47:20) Exploring the process of regaining focus and motivation after setbacks in the creative journey.
  • Finding motivation in small victories (00:49:27) How small moments of success and positive feedback can reignite motivation and passion for creative work.  🚀💡

Key takeaways:

1. Authenticity in art can lead to unique opportunities and recognition.
2. Transitioning from a traditional job to entrepreneurship requires resilience.
3. Educational background can serve as a foundation for a successful career in art and design.
4. Understanding the business side of art is crucial for successful brand collaborations and retail integration.

Website: domoniquebrown.com
Social Media:
LinkedIn: Domonique Brown, MBA
Instagram: snoopdoggydom
TikTok: domoink
X: @TheDomoINK

If you were inspired by Domonique Brown's story and her vibrant artwork, don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with her further. Head over to her website and explore the incredible range of art she offers at Domo Ink. Plus, follow her on social media to stay updated on her latest projects and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her creative process. Your support means the world to artists like Domonique, and it helps bring more black art into our retail spaces and everyday lives. 🎉🌟

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Original music by Daniel Alexis Music with additional music from Chipzard.

Episode illustration by Alley Kid Art.

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Creators and Guests

Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Domonique Brown
Domonique Brown
I am an illustrator and designer from Pomona, CA. I am the founder of DomoINK, a lifestyle retailer that celebrates diversity through art, apparel, and decor.


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