Exploring the Art of Karl Christian Krumpholz: A Journey Through Cities

Join host Rob Lee as he interviews award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz in this episode of "The Truth in This Art." They discuss Karl's unique artistic voice, his journey from the East Coast to the West, and his love for cities. Discover Karl's insights on collaboration, the indie comics industry, and the importance of community. Don't miss this engaging conversation with a talented artist! πŸŽ¨πŸŒ†

Episode Highlights:

-Karl's origin story, from working at a comic shop to becoming a cartoonist (00:00:10)
-The inspiration behind Karl's city-focused comics and his love for urban life (00:09:28)
-Karl's daily drawing routine and the importance of finding a balance (00:15:39)
-The challenges and rewards of collaboration in the indie comics industry (00:32:25)
-Karl's advice for aspiring cartoonists and the importance of perseverance (00:37:44)

Key Takeaways:

-Success in the indie comics industry is measured by personal fulfillment and paying the bills, rather than financial wealth.
-Building a supportive community of fellow cartoonists is crucial for navigating the challenges of the industry.
-Collaboration requires trust, open communication, and a willingness to compromise.
-Enjoying the process and seeing personal growth in your work are important markers of success. 🌟🀝

Check out Karl Christian Krumpholz's website here and Etsy shop here to explore his captivating comics and illustrations. Support indie artists and discover the unique stories of cities through Karl's art. πŸ›οΈπŸ™οΈ

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Karl Christian Krumpholz
Karl Christian Krumpholz
An oddly displaced East Coast native, Karl Christian Krumpholz is the writer/artist of such comics as the weekly The Denver Bootleg strip for Denver's Westword newspaper; and the daily comic adventures and True-ish Tales about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in his weekly webcomic 30 Miles of Crazy!
Exploring the Art of Karl Christian Krumpholz: A Journey Through Cities
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