KJ Mohr, Film Festival Director, on Diverse Stories & Maryland's Cinematic Celebration

KJ Mohr, Film Festival Director, on Diverse Stories & Maryland's Cinematic Celebration

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee interviews KJ Mohr, the festival and programming director for the Maryland Film Festival. Mohr shares her background in film, her path to her current role, and the importance of diverse storytelling. She discusses the festival's response to the pandemic and its 25th anniversary. The conversation also covers emerging trends in film, the inclusion of new cinematic technologies, and the support for young filmmakers, especially women. Mohr's personal preferences for festival snacks and screenings are revealed in a rapid-fire question segment. The episode concludes with an invitation to the upcoming festival, emphasizing its inclusive approach. 🎬🎥

Episode Content:

  • The Early Creative Experiences (00:01:11) KJ Mohr shares her early encounters with foreign and indie films, influenced by her small-town upbringing and family's interest in cinema. 🏞️🎞️
  • Defining a Good Story (00:05:10) KJ Mohr discusses her preference for stories that are outside her own experiences and the importance of unique storytelling. 📚🎭
  • History with the Maryland Film Festival (00:06:53) KJ Mohr describes her journey of becoming aligned with the Maryland Film Festival and her various roles leading up to her current position. 🎞️🌟
  • Role of Programming Director (00:11:01) KJ Mohr explains the responsibilities of a programming director, including community involvement, selection process, and reflecting diverse voices. 📽️👩‍💼
  • Challenges in Bringing Back the Festival (00:15:31) KJ Mohr discusses the challenges of re-establishing the festival after a year off and the impact of the pandemic on the creative arts community. 🎭🦠
  • Filmmaker Lounge and Emerging Technologies (00:17:18) Discussion about the filmmaker lounge and the focus on emerging technologies within moving image creation at the festival. 🛋️💡
  • Themes and Trends in Films (00:17:28) Exploration of the forthcoming films, themes, and techniques being used in the festival, including a focus on coming-of-age stories and support for young women filmmakers. 📽️🌟
  • Local Documentaries and Film Culture in Baltimore (00:19:24) Excitement about local documentaries, such as "More Than Hype," and the strong film culture in Baltimore, highlighting the industry's growth and potential. 🎬🏙️
  • Recreation of the Paradox and Rapid Fire Questions (00:21:36) Discussion about the recreation of the Paradox and the host's rapid-fire questions, covering topics such as favorite movies, festival snacks, and preferred screening times. 🔄🔥
  • Maryland Film Festival Details and Invitation (00:26:19) Information about the Maryland Film Festival's 25th-anniversary celebration, including dates, venues, and a call for new festival-goers, with details available on the festival's website. 🎉🎈

Key Takeaways:

1. Diverse storytelling enriches film festivals and broadens audience perspectives.
2. Film festivals must adapt to challenges like the pandemic to continue their cultural impact.
3. Supporting young and female filmmakers is crucial for a more inclusive film industry.
4. Incorporating new cinematic technologies can enhance the film festival experience.

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