The Truth in This Art Wrestling Announcer and Commentator Larry Legend

The Truth in This Art Wrestling Announcer and Commentator Larry Legend

In this podcast episode, host Rob Lee interviews Larry Legend, a renowned figure in professional wrestling. Larry shares his journey from being a fan, playing with action figures, and backyard wrestling to becoming a respected announcer and commentator. He discusses the intricacies of ring announcing and commentating, emphasizing the importance of preparation and the challenges of switching between the two roles. Larry also reflects on his experience as a wrestling historian and his passion for preserving wrestling events. The episode dives into the psychology of wrestling and the art of storytelling, with Larry explaining how he enhances matches with his vibrant introductions and commentary, adding drama to the athletic spectacle.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mastering the Mic (00:57) Larry Legend discusses the craft of creating powerful introductions in the wrestling world and why they're so pivotal.
  • Meet Larry Legend (03:06) Get to know Larry Legend as he shares his journey, his achievements, and his passion for the world of combat sports.
  • Wrestling Nostalgia (07:13) Larry Legend reminisces about his childhood fascination with wrestling, from action figures to video games.
  • From Backyard to Big Time (08:38) Larry Legend recounts the evolution of his wrestling interest, from backyard bouts to forming a community with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Inside the Wrestler's Mind (14:08) Larry breaks down the mental aspect of wrestling and the importance of the big guys taking falls.
  • The Quest for the Commentary Seat (18:15) Larry shares his path to becoming a wrestling commentator and the challenges of earning a spot at the commentary table.
  • The Art of Announcing (20:37) Larry shares insights into his experiences with ring announcing and commentary, highlighting his improvisational skills.
  • Dream Introductions (42:02) Larry Legend expresses his wish to introduce icons like Jay-Z or Stone Cold Steve Austin, admiring their entertainment flair.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace your passions, as they can lead to unexpected and fulfilling career paths, just like Larry's journey from fan to wrestling icon.
2. Preparation is key in any role, highlighting the dedication behind Larry's seamless transitions between announcing and commentating.
3. The art of storytelling is crucial in enhancing any experience, as Larry's vibrant introductions and commentary add depth to wrestling matches.
4. Preserving history matters, as shown by Larry's commitment to documenting wrestling events for future generations to appreciate.

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Larry Legend
Larry Legend
...Larry Legend is an America professional announcer, interviewer and commentator of combat sporting events. Most notably he is a ring announcer for independent professional wrestling shows in the North East of the U.S. Past announcing credits have included sanctioned events by the WKA (World Kickboxing Association), PKF (Professional Kickboxing Federation), IBF (International Boxing Federation) and ISKA (International Sports Karate Association) including Triumph Kombat's Muay Thai events, Victory Combat Sports MMA spectaculars and Glory Kickboxing's hard hitting extravaganzas. His voice can be recognized opening the 2009 Fox Pictures feature length film 'The Wrestler'. Larry is a former "backstage correspondent" for Ring of Honor Wrestling. In 2018 Larry Legend was the sole inductee recognized at the Combat Zone Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony.