Revitalizing Downtown Baltimore with Shelonda Stokes: Problem-Solving, Marketing, and Community Vibes

Tune in and be inspired by 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, hosted by the engaging Rob Lee. Together with our guest today Shelonda Stokes, an accomplished figure, wearing multiple hats as the President of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, CEO of Graybow Entertainment, and a trailblazer in the global branding landscape. With a strong foundation in electrical engineering from Morgan State University, Stokes orchestrates her strategic prowess and creative vision as she propels Greibo's triumphant position in the market. Garnering over 75 community and professional awards, including distinctions like Innovator of the Year and Maryland's Top 100 Women, she stands as a sought-after thought leader and advisor to Fortune 100 CEOs, elected officials, and esteemed dignitaries. Recognized for her prodigious influence, she's at the helm of Baltimore's iconic African American Festival and a co-chair of The LEADERship program. Through Graybow, Shelonda's prowess manifests in crafting engaging cultural experiences for powerhouse brands like Under Armour, Hewlett Packard, Smithsonian, the State of Maryland, and Visit Baltimore. A true catalyst for change, she harnesses her problem-solving acumen and marketing finesse to invigorate Baltimore's downtown, solidifying her legacy as a visionary force in business and revitalization.

In this edition:

  • Uncover how Shelonda Stokes strategically applies her problem-solving prowess and marketing finesse to breathe new life into downtown Baltimore, igniting a transformation that resonates with both residents and visitors.
  • Dive into the mission of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, exploring their dedicated efforts to cultivate a dynamic, secure, and inviting urban center that enriches the lives of the city's inhabitants and tourists alike.
  • Explore Shelonda Stokes' anticipation for a range of captivating events and initiatives, from the eagerly awaited return of fireworks to the transformative Baltimore by Baltimore series and the impactful Boost program, championing black-owned businesses and driving economic empowerment.
  • Delve into Shelonda Stokes' perspective on Baltimore's vibrant culture, as she highlights the city's kaleidoscope of unique experiences and robust community bonds that shape its distinct identity and shared values.

Tune in for an eye-opening conversation with Shelonda as she shares her journey from a challenging childhood in Baltimore to her current role in leading the revitalization of downtown. She discusses the importance of problem-solving and marketing in her work and highlights upcoming initiatives and events that will showcase the culture and vibrancy of Baltimore.

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The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is your connection to everything that’s happening in Maryland’s largest business center, cultural district, and fastest-growing neighborhoods.

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Shelonda Stokes
Shelonda Stokes is President, @DowntownBalt
Revitalizing Downtown Baltimore with Shelonda Stokes: Problem-Solving, Marketing, and Community Vibes
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