The Truth In This Art Beyond Philadelphia: The Power of Connection in Photography with Aaron Richter

Join host Rob Lee as he delves into the captivating world of photography with seasoned photographer Aaron Richter. Discover the importance of connection, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, and the transformative power of self-discovery in this enlightening episode. πŸ“Έβœ¨

Episode Highlights:

-Early experiences with photography and the pivotal role they played in shaping Aaron's creative journey. (00:01:25) πŸ•°οΈ
-The power of connection in photography and how it brings out the true essence of the subject. (00:13:36) 🀝
-The process of setting up a portrait shoot and the importance of flexibility and trust. (00:21:28) πŸ“·
-The transformative impact of COVID-19 on Aaron's photography career and the newfound depth and purpose it brought to his work. (00:41:17) πŸ¦ πŸ”„

Key Takeaways:

-Connection is everything in photography, allowing the photographer to capture genuine moments and create powerful images. 🌟
-Flexibility and adaptability are essential in overcoming challenges and making the most of any situation. πŸ”„
-The COVID-19 pandemic forced photographers to reevaluate their craft and discover new depths of meaning and purpose in their work. 🌍

Explore Aaron Richter's captivating portfolio and learn more about his photography journey on his website. πŸ–₯️
Social Media and Links:
Instagram: aaronrichterstudio
Facebook: Aaron Richter

Resources Mentioned:
Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones 🎢
Beau is Afraid 🎬
The Killer πŸŽ₯
Past Lives 🎞️

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Aaron Richter
Aaron Richter is a photographer. Rooted in curiosity and engagement, Aaron’s work looks to remove the inherent space that exists between himself and the people in front of his camera. He aspires to honest connections that reveal simple truths through presence, poise and occasional humor. The bare joy and gentle dignity you see in these moments occur on both sides of the camera. Aaron maintains a thoughtful approach.
The Truth In This Art Beyond Philadelphia: The Power of Connection in Photography with Aaron Richter
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