The Truth In This Art with Comedian Ti Malik Coleman

The Truth In This Art with Comedian Ti Malik Coleman

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee converses with Ti Malik Coleman, a multi-talented comedian, teacher, storyteller, improviser, and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. They explore Ti Malik's creative journey, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and comedy in fostering connections and community. Ti Malik shares his experiences with improv, filmmaking, and his one-man show "40-Year-Old Puberty," which delves into the challenges of adulthood. The discussion also touches on personal struggles, the significance of representation, and the power of humor in storytelling. The episode concludes with light-hearted banter and Ti Malik's upcoming projects.

Episode Highlight:

  • Introducing Ti Malik Coleman (00:01:06) Rob Lee introduces Ti Malik Coleman, a multi-talented comedian, teacher, storyteller, improviser, and writer.
  • Ti Malik's Background and Artistic Journey (00:02:02) Ti Malik introduces himself, talks about his passion for storytelling, comedy, and fostering connections, and mentions his start in improv comedy and storytelling.
  • Returning to Pursuing Creativity (00:08:47) Ti Malik discusses leaving his job as an insurance accounting supervisor to pursue improv comedy and storytelling, leading to his full dive into art.
  • The Importance of Connection in Art (00:12:11) Ti Malik shares the impact of feeling disconnected in his life and how it led him to use art to foster connections and prevent others from facing similar consequences.
  • The Power of Connection and Community Building (00:16:24) Rob and Ti Malik discuss the power of connection and community building through storytelling and personal conversations, facilitating healing and recognition of one's story and work.
  • Using Comedy to Overcome Nervousness (00:27:18) The use of humor and comedy to overcome nervousness and connect with the audience during stage performances.
  • 40-Year-Old Puberty (00:32:24) A humorous storytelling adventure about navigating the challenges of being a grown man with youthful problems and experiences.
  • Advice on storytelling and vulnerability (00:41:59) Ti Malik offers advice for individuals wanting to tell stories and be vulnerable, emphasizing the uniqueness of personal experiences and the importance of finding a safe space to share.
  • Upcoming Shows and Events (00:54:30) Ti Malik shares information about their website, social media, upcoming gigs, and shows in Richmond and Baltimore.

Key Takeaways:

1. Authenticity Builds Trust: Sharing genuine experiences and emotions in your storytelling fosters deeper connections and trust within your community.
2. Embrace Vulnerability: Being open and vulnerable in your stories can lead to personal growth and help others feel less alone in their struggles.
3. Commit to the Creative Process: Dedicate time and effort to refining your work, and be open to feedback to improve and polish your material.
4. Representation Matters: Creating inclusive spaces and sharing diverse perspectives in your art can help others feel seen and understood, fostering empathy and connection.

Website and Socials:
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Facebook: Ti Malik Coleman

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