The Truth In This Art with DJ Stylo

The Truth In This Art with DJ Stylo

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee interviews music producer and DJ Stylo. Stylo shares his journey from a nerdy kid in DC with a background in IT and breakdancing to a passionate music creator influenced by jazz, classical, and techno. He discusses his creative process, emphasizing basslines and rhythm, and his approach to curating immersive musical experiences. The conversation touches on the challenges of staying current in the industry, the significance of Black Music Month, and the importance of diverse musical influences. Stylo also highlights his commitment to storytelling and elevating underrepresented voices in music.

Episode Highlight:

  • Introduction to DJ Stylo (00:00:10) Rob Lee introduces DJ Stylo, a music producer and DJ, known for his deep tech style with hip hop influences.
  • DJ Stylo's Background (00:01:49) DJ Stylo shares details about his background, including his work as an IT director and his interest in sci-fi.
  • Influences in Music (00:06:24) DJ Stylo discusses his early experiences with music, including playing piano and trumpet, and his exposure to electronic music as a breakdancer.
  • Staying Current and Finding Inspiration (00:18:47) DJ Stylo talks about staying up to date with new music and finding inspiration, acknowledging the impossibility of keeping up with every new release.
  • Uncovering Musical Influences (00:25:21) The conversation dives into the significance of liner notes, exploring the musicians behind the music and their impact on creative inspiration.
  • Embracing Risks in Creativity (00:35:01) DJ Stylo shares his perspective on taking risks in creative pursuits, emphasizing the daily challenges and rewards of pushing boundaries.
  • Good DJ vs. Great DJ (00:42:23) DJ Stylo discusses the difference between a good DJ and a great DJ, emphasizing the importance of playing music that listeners didn't know they wanted to hear.
  • Connect with DJ Stylo (01:04:16) DJ Stylo shares his social media and upcoming live events, including rooftop performances and reissued music.

Key Takeaways:

1. Balancing Multiple Passions: DJ Stylo shows us that it's possible to juggle a demanding IT career while pursuing a passion for music.
2. Creative Beginnings: Starting with simple elements like drum patterns and basslines can lead to innovative and unique music creations.
3. Embracing Eclectic Tastes: Exploring a wide range of music genres can enrich your creative output and broaden your musical perspective.
4. Taking Risks in Creativity: Pushing boundaries and embracing daily challenges are essential for growth and innovation in any creative field.

Website and Socials:
X: @MusicOfStylo
Instagram: stylothedj

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Original music by Daniel Alexis Music with additional music from Chipzard.

Episode illustration by Alley Kid Art.

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Rob Lee
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Stylo’s (pronounced Stee-low) focus and specialty these days is mainly House, Deep, Tech, keeping the crowds packin’. “I like to make things chunky, sprinkle it with a bit of hip-hop influences from my childhood, then smooth it out sexy like. I don’t grab on to any style because everyone else is doing it.” Once described as “super hip”, he pulls in the vast cross-section of music enthusiasts and party-goers with his appetizing and amalgamated anthology of Downtempo and Lo-Fi styles, House Music, fresh underground, non-commercial rhythms filled with the pulsing sounds of life found in urban Baltimore, and D.C. Stylo has been repeatedly hired to showcase his unique blend of sounds at a variety of events, not only local clubs and lounges, but also art shows, private and public events. Further, and as his style and name have become known in the mid-Atlantic region it has also translated into invitations to spin at private parties as far away as Miami, NYC, and LA.