The Truth In This Art with Filmmaker Nia Hampton

The Truth In This Art with Filmmaker Nia Hampton

In this episode of "The Truth In This Art," host Rob Lee welcomes filmmaker and conceptual artist Nia Hampton from Baltimore. They discuss the significance of glasses in their lives, reflecting on how COVID-19 has influenced health trends. Nia shares her journey, including her MFA program and the founding of the Black Film Supremacy festival, inspired by her friends and speculative fiction writers. She talks about her film "My Mother the Clown," a social realist comedy based on personal experiences. The conversation covers the collaborative nature of filmmaking, the importance of storytelling, and Nia's personal interests in reality TV and astrology.

Episode Highlight:

  • Glasses Trend (00:00:33) Rob and Nia discuss the trend of glasses and how it relates to disability markers becoming cool post-COVID.
  • Introducing Oneself as an Artist (00:03:16) Nia Hampton discusses the challenges of writing artist statements and introduces herself as a conceptual artist.
  • Becoming an Artist (00:07:36) Nia explains how being born into an artistic family influenced her journey to becoming an artist and finding her voice.
  • The Artist's Way of Life (00:13:06) Nia discusses the essence of being an artist as a way of life, regardless of productivity or wealth.
  • Founding Black Film Supremacy (00:17:45) Nia Hampton explains the founding of Black Film Supremacy in 2018, the inspiration behind it, and its impact on the local film perspective in Baltimore.
  • Challenges of Filmmaking Collaboration (00:24:02) Nia Hampton shares insights into the collaborative aspect of filmmaking, discussing challenges, learning opportunities, and the importance of trust and respect in working with a team.
  • Interpersonal Dynamics in Filmmaking (00:29:33) Nia and Rob discuss the interpersonal aspects of filmmaking, likening it to dating and emphasizing the importance of trust and communication in working with others.
  • My Mother the Clown (00:33:13) This part is when they talk about the description and motivation behind the film "My Mother the Clown," including its storyline and its relevance in reflecting current societal challenges.
  • Art, Taste, and Communication (00:44:53) Exploration of the political nature of taste in art, the influence of personal backgrounds on perceptions of good and bad art, and the essence of art as a form of communication.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace Vulnerability: Sharing your personal stories and experiences in your art can create powerful connections with your audience.
2. Draw from Personal History: Use your memories and personal history as a foundation for your creative work to add unique perspectives and emotional depth.
3. Identify Gaps: Look for gaps in your industry or community and create platforms to address them, fostering meaningful and impactful projects.
4. Cultivate Trust: Building trust and respect among your team members is essential for successful collaboration in any creative endeavor.

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