The Truth In This Art with Max Weiss of Baltimore Magazine

The Truth In This Art with Max Weiss of Baltimore Magazine

In this episode of "The Truth in this Art," host Rob Lee welcomes Max Weiss, Editor in Chief of Baltimore Magazine. Max shares insights into the magazine's creation process, emphasizing teamwork and flexibility. She highlights the magazine's mission to celebrate Baltimore while addressing its issues with a solutions-oriented approach. Max discusses notable stories, including interviews with YouTuber Natalie Wynn and SNL's Ego Nwodim, and previews upcoming features like "Better Call Barry" and a story on maestro Jonathon Heyward. The episode concludes with Max sharing her social media details and personal movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Episode Highlights:

  • Growing Up with Arts and Culture News (00:04:07) Max talks about her primary sources for arts and culture news growing up in New York and the influence of his parents.
  • Influence of Siskel and Ebert (00:06:28) Max discusses the impact of Siskel and Ebert on her love for film and his experiences visiting museums and film houses in New York.
  • Creating and Putting Together a Magazine (00:09:04) Max explains the process of putting together Baltimore magazine, including storyboarding, brainstorming, and editorial meetings.
  • Flexibility in Magazine Content (00:15:24) Max discusses the importance of having a structured plan for the magazine while also being flexible to accommodate bigger stories that may arise.
  • Favorite Thing About the Role of Editor-in-Chief (00:16:36) Max shares her favorite aspect of being the editor-in-chief, which is working with the talented and dedicated team at the magazine.
  • Celebrating Baltimore (00:18:19) In this part, she highlights the positive aspects of Baltimore while addressing its problems with a solutions-oriented approach.
  • Magazine Creation and Evolution (00:23:45) The ever-changing nature of the job, the need for fresh approaches, and the balancing act of covering classic and new stories.
  • July Issue Highlights (00:34:05) Preview of the July issue, featuring stories on crab house classics and a colorful personality, Barry Glazer.

Key Takeaways:

1. Balance Planning and Flexibility: Structured planning is essential, but staying adaptable ensures your content remains timely and relevant.
2. Foster a Collaborative Environment: A fun and collaborative work culture boosts creativity and productivity, even in remote settings.
3. Celebrate and Address Challenges: Highlighting both the positives and the solutions to challenges creates a well-rounded narrative.
4. Innovate Familiar Topics: Finding new angles on familiar subjects keeps your content fresh and engaging for your audience.

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