Transforming Narratives: Shifting Baltimore's Story with Evan Serpick | Community Impact, Music Culture, and Narrative Change

Transforming Narratives: Shifting Baltimore's Story with Evan Serpick | Community Impact, Music Culture, and Narrative Change

Your adventure begins with 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, presented by your host, Rob Lee. Today we have Evan Serpick, an accomplished communications professional, who brings a diverse background in journalism and social justice activism to the forefront of storytelling. As the Program Manager for Communications and Narrative Change at Open Society Institute-Baltimore, Evan leverages his extensive experience, including roles as the editor-in-chief of Baltimore's City Paper and senior editor at Baltimore magazine, to reshape narratives surrounding Baltimore. In this episode of The Truth In This Art, host Rob Lee engages Evan in a discussion about the intersection of storytelling, social justice, and local journalism. Evan's dedication to narrative change and his commitment to positively shaping the perception of Baltimore shine through as he shares insights from his dynamic career journey.

In this edition:

  • The transformative power of narrative change, delving into the process of reshaping Baltimore's stories and perceptions.
  • Dive into the podcast's discussion on Baltimore's neighborhood fabric, unveiling its interconnectedness and the web of familiarity within each community.
  • Immerse yourself in the podcast episode's exploration of community catalysts, as it highlights the pivotal role of grassroots leaders and organizations in molding Baltimore's evolution.
  • Join the podcast's rhythmic journey through Baltimore's vibrant music and dance tapestry, uncovering the beat of Baltimore club music and the exhilarating dirt bike culture.

Tune in and be amazed as Evan discusses his work in narrative change and the impact of storytelling on shifting the negative perception of Baltimore. He shares his background in journalism and the importance of community-based change. Evan also highlights the tight-knit communities in Baltimore and the cultural aspects that define the city, such as its music and dance culture.

Mentioned in this episode:

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