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Unveiling Artistry: Annie Howe's Intricate Paper Cuts and Creative Journey S7E14

Unveiling Artistry: Annie Howe's Intricate Paper Cuts and Creative Journey

· 34:21

Embrace the journey with 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, hosted by none other than Rob Lee. Today our guest Annie Howe, a renowned papercut artist based in Baltimore, is the focus of this episode of The Truth In This Art, where Rob delves into her intricate papercutting craft, utilized across diverse realms like illustration, surface design, and three-dimensional creations. Having graduated with a BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Annie's artistic journey transitioned from large-scale puppetry to the captivating realm of papercuts. Establishing Annie Howe Papercuts in 2010, she has passionately honed her skills, producing remarkable handcrafted pieces for businesses, publications, and private collections. With a profound background in both fiber arts and storytelling, Annie's transformative pivot into the world of papercuts has solidified her place as a respected and dedicated artist.

In this broadcast, we dive deep into:

  • The world of paper cutting as a versatile art form, delving into the array of techniques and tools that bring intricate designs to life. Discuss the impact of this medium on contemporary artistic expression.
  • Dive into Annie's creative space, an oasis of concentration where her cutting mat, X-Acto knife, and auditory companions like music or podcasts converge. Explore how this environment fuels her artistic process.
  • Uncover the genesis of Annie's paper-cutting journey, tracing it back to her involvement in a shadow puppet show and the evolution into crafting paper-cut designs as heartfelt gifts. Discover the stories that ignited her passion.
  • Embark on an exploration of Annie's creative process, rooted in her insatiable curiosity. Discuss how embracing exploration as a cornerstone sparks new ideas, innovation, and the evolution of her art.
  • Delve into Annie's formative years and how her artistic sensibility was shaped by the generational security that enabled her to pursue creative passions without financial restraints. Explore how this background influences her work's essence.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Annie as she discusses how she uses an X-Acto knife to create intricate designs. Her ideal workspace includes a quiet environment with her tools and background music or podcasts. Her interest in paper cutting began with shadow puppetry and making gift designs, fueled by exploration and curiosity. Privileged by a secure background, Annie reflects on her creative sensibility and the value of unpaid internships. She discusses small business challenges and cherishes her expertise. She digitally expands her art to prints, 3D murals, and jewelry, aspiring to public art and collaborations. She admires artists like Rosa Leff, Janelle Washington, Hadea Williams, and the duo Jessie and Katie.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Episode illustration by Alley Kid Art.

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
Annette Porter
Annette Porter
Annie Howe, a renowned papercut artist based in Baltimore


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