Deyane Moses discusses her work in archiving and preserving Black history

Deyane Moses discusses her work in archiving and preserving Black history

Get ready for thought-provoking conversations on 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, with your host, Rob Lee, and today’s guest: Deyane Moses, a Baltimore-based veteran, artist, activist, and curator, holds a BFA in Photography and an MFA in Curatorial Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Her transformative project, The Maryland Institute Black Archives (MIBA), gained international recognition for documenting MICA's Black history and relationship with Black Baltimoreans. This project prompted MICA's President to publicly apologize for the College's racist past. In 2020, Deyane founded Blackives, LLC, assisting Black communities with research and archival mobilization. As a passionate archivist, she's now the Public Access Archivist for Afro Charities Inc, preserving 130 years of Baltimore AFRO American Newspaper Archives. With a commitment to preserving Black history, Deyane also captures the essence of the artistic community through her photography.

In this talk, we navigate through:

  • Deyane Moses' initiative, Black Archives LLC, dedicated to aiding research, archival services, and research mobilization.
  • The deficit in resources and representation for conserving Black history within archives, particularly concerning Baltimore.
  • Examine Deyane's mission to document and safeguard the narratives and history of Black communities, including MICA alumni and the artistic realm.
  • Explore the indispensable role of community participation and input in the archival process, ensuring precision in representation and facilitating healing.
  • Dive into Deyane's photographic work centered on capturing the evolution and tales of MICA alumni and the artistic community.

Deyane discusses her work with Black Archives LLC and her efforts to document and preserve the history and stories of Black communities in Baltimore. Deyane shares her personal journey and how her experiences as a broadcast journalist in the military and living in different cities inspired her to focus on highlighting Black stories and culture. She talks about the lack of representation and resources for preserving Black history in archives and the importance of community involvement in the archival process. Deyane also discusses her photography work and the aim of capturing the growth and stories of the artistic community and MICA alumni.

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