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Ashley Miah: Crafting Purposeful Pop Art and Empowering Artists

Ashley Miah: Crafting Purposeful Pop Art and Empowering Artists

Welcome to 'The Truth in This Art' podcast, hosted by Rob Lee, engage in this meaningful conversation with Ashley Miah, also known as Lee Lee La Cubana, a prominent Afro-Latina artist hailing from New York City. Her artistic prowess lies in acrylic painting, as she produces captivating large-scale contemporary pop art pieces infused with the essence of 90s pop culture and the urban fabric of NYC. Recognized for her skillful fusion of pop culture references with spiritual elements, Ashley's art resonates as purposeful narratives that evoke nostalgia and narratives. Beyond her artistry, she leads the dynamic Art Organization, Culture Candy, dedicated to fostering urban, minority, and undiscovered artists by orchestrating events that celebrate NYC's cultural vibrancy. She's notably been honored as one of Crain's "20 in their 20's 2022," further attesting to her impact on the art scene.

In this episode, we delve into:

  • The podcast episode exploring Ashley Miah's distinctive pop art, a fusion of personal encounters, culture, and pop culture nods.
  • Unveil Ashley's advocacy for marginalized creators through Culture Candy and her transformative role in orchestrating HeartCon, an NYC art convention.
  • Explore the podcast's discourse on the validity of art school, delving into Ashley's perspective on alternative paths to artistic mastery via online resources.
  • Immerse yourself in the podcast episode's candid discussion on artistic integrity, as Ashley illuminates the journey of staying authentic while navigating external skepticism and apprehension.

Don't miss this incredible episode as Ashley shares how her upbringing in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and her experience at LaGuardia Arts shaped her interest in art. Ashley talks about her passion for creating purposeful pop art that combines pop culture references with her own experiences and culture. She also discusses her involvement in Culture Candy, a collective that provides a platform for underrepresented artists, and HeartCon, a biennial art convention in New York City. Ashley emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself as an artist.

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