The Truth in This Art with Actor & Playwright Tanya Everett

The Truth in This Art with Actor & Playwright Tanya Everett

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," πŸŽ™οΈ Rob Lee has a heartfelt and enlightening chat with the wonderfully talented Tanya Everett. Tanya is not just an actor, but also a playwright, TV writer, and speaker, making her a true multi-hyphenate artist. 🎭 They dive into her diverse career, her love for storytelling, and why embracing your uniqueness is so important. 🌟

Tanya opens up about her personal journey, including her powerful TEDx talk on grief and her passion for travel. ✈️ They also touch on the collaborative magic of the arts, the healing power of rituals, and the idea of chosen family and community. Tanya's thoughts on creativity, connection, and honoring one's roots are sure to resonate deeply with you. 🌺

πŸ“š Episode Highlights:

  • Embracing Uniqueness (00:04:20): Tanya shares how she celebrates her unique identity and the transformative power of theater. 
  • Lessons from Early Opportunities (00:16:16): She reflects on the lessons from her early creative endeavors in writing, movement, and dance. 
  • Challenges in the Arts Industry (00:18:19): Tanya discusses the industry's often overlooked focus on the well-being of its people. 
  • The Joy of Collaboration (00:23:45): She talks about the joy and fulfillment that comes from working with others on creative projects. 
  • Reflecting on Loss and Aging (00:32:27): Tanya shares her personal experiences with loss and her thoughts on aging and societal pressures. 
  • Investigating Chosen Family (00:37:43): She explores the importance of chosen family and building supportive, reciprocal relationships. 
  • The Grief Dance and Personal Growth (00:45:50): Tanya's emotional journey in preparing her TED talk on grief. 
  • Rituals of Grieving (00:54:38): Tanya discusses her personal grieving rituals and the need for evolving funeral practices. 
  • Challenges of Navigating Social Norms (00:58:53): Navigating societal expectations and feeling significant outside traditional family structures. 
  • Embracing Uniqueness and Loss (01:00:06): Tanya talks about using storytelling to process loss and celebrate individuality. 
  • Reimagining Gender Roles (01:06:12): Challenging traditional gender roles and redefining strengths in relationships and families. 
  • Incorporating Humor in Grief (01:09:25): She discusses about using humor to address themes of grief and societal biases. 
  • Seeking Inspiration and Motivation (01:17:29): Tanya shares her sources of inspiration, from other artists to nature. 
  • Overcoming Stage Fright (01:21:04): Tanya’s go-to tactics for overcoming stage fright with physical movement and grounding techniques. 
  • Creating Laughter in Performances (01:23:26): Rob and Tanya discuss the different types of laughter they aim to evoke from audiences. 
  • Favorite Travel Destination (01:24:49): Tanya reminisces about her favorite travel spot, Greece, and the connections she made there. 

⭐ Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace your uniqueness to enrich your creative endeavors.
2. Collaboration in the arts can lead to profound and impactful work.
3. Rituals can be a powerful tool in coping with and processing grief.
4. Building a chosen family and community can provide essential support and connection.

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Learning the Grief Dance

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