The Artistic Journey of Osaretin Ugiagbe: Identity, Isolation, and Integrity

The Artistic Journey of Osaretin Ugiagbe: Identity, Isolation, and Integrity

In this episode, Rob Lee explores Osaretin Ugiagbe's transition from computer science to art, navigating skepticism at Yale, and wrestling with questions of identity and authenticity. Osaretin reflects on how growing up in the Bronx influenced his creative expression and recounts the key moments that paved the way for his admission to the Royal College of Art. Tune in as they delve into topics such as cultural identity, feelings of isolation, and the obstacles artists encounter in remaining authentic to their vision.

Episode Content:
The Early Years and Moving to the Bronx (00:01:09): Osaretin’s move from Nigeria to the Bronx and his early education.
Discovering Art in the Bronx (00:03:21): How a mentor sparked Osaretin’s passion for painting.
Applying to Yale and Acceptance (00:15:38): Osaretin’s Yale journey and overcoming skepticism.
The Struggle with Identity (00:17:34): Embracing his Nigerian heritage amid challenges.
Navigating Stereotypes and Expectations (00:18:35): Facing pressure to conform in the art world.
A Turning Point in London (00:21:10): Acceptance to the Royal College of Art changed his career.
Balancing Personal and Professional Success (00:31:09): Navigating friendships amidst perceived success.
Isolation and Dark Art (00:33:06): Osaretin’s struggle with isolation leading to darker art.
Struggle with Relatability and Authenticity (00:37:27): Balancing relatability and authenticity in art.
Perception and Identity (00:39:53): Exploring perception, identity, and societal molds.
Cultural Identity and Resistance (00:45:43): Reflecting on cultural identity and resisting the urge to prove oneself.
Immigrant Experience & Challenges of Race and Identity (00:48:50): Shared immigrant experiences and the impact of race and identity.

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee
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Osaretin Ugiagbe
Osaretin Ugiagbe
Osaretin Ugiagbe (b. 1986, lagos, Nigeria) is a multidisciplinary artist working both as a painter and fine art photographer.