The Truth In This Art with MC UllNevaNo

The Truth In This Art with MC UllNevaNo

In this episode of "The Truth In This Art," host Rob Lee interviews Baltimore-based MC UllNevaNo, celebrated for his dynamic freestyling and influential collaborations. As part of a series for Black Music Month, the conversation explores MC UllNevaNo's journey in the music industry, from his Baltimore upbringing and early influences like Wu-Tang Clan to his experiences in California's intense hip-hop culture. He discussed his creative process, emphasizing the importance of working with a single producer for cohesive sound and the impact of social media on independent artists. This episode offers valuable insights into maintaining authenticity and innovation in hip-hop.

Episode Highlights:

  • Early influences (00:02:03) MC UllNevaNo talks about his early exposure to different music genres and artists, shaping his love for hip-hop.
  • Discovering hip-hop (00:03:47) UllNevaNo describes the moment he discovered influential hip-hop artists and how it impacted his passion for the genre.
  • Battling and perseverance (00:10:42) UllNevaNo discusses his dedication to battling and his perseverance in pursuing a career in music.
  • Crafting a song (00:13:39) MC UllNevaNo shares his process of crafting a song, from getting the instrumental to the execution of the concept.
  • Living off music (00:15:57) This part of the conversation explores the possibility of making a living off music, the influence of social media, and the freedom of selling music independently.
  • Creating collector's items (00:24:30) UllNevaNo and Rob discussed the significance of creating collector's items and merchandise to match music projects and the feeling of completion after finishing a project.
  • Challenges in staying unique in hip-hop (00:26:49) They discussed the challenges of staying unique in the hip-hop industry, avoiding trends, and the influence of popular content.
  • Working with One Producer (00:32:51) In this part Rob and UllNevaNo tackle the benefits of working with a single producer and the cohesiveness it brings to the music.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace diverse musical influences to shape your unique artistic voice.
2. Dedication and perseverance are key to overcoming challenges in any career.
3. Adding unique merchandise can enhance the connection between artists and their audience.
4. Don't be afraid to experiment with new techniques; it's essential for growth and innovation.

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X: @ullnevanohiphop
Instagram: ullnevanohiphop

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Creators and Guests

Rob Lee
Rob Lee
The Truth In This Art is an interview series featuring artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers in & around Baltimore.
UllNevaNo spent 11 years of his childhood as a military brat in southern California before returning to his roots in Baltimore. His life in the music scene is dynamic and full of energy; as a respected MC, he is known for his engaging stage presence, where he captivates audiences with his freestyles and ciphers. Influenced by the legendary Big L, who inspired him to pursue music with greater dedication, UllNevaNo also draws inspiration from a diverse group of artists including Canibus, Jean Grae, BLU, Dilated Peoples, Tristate, Elzhi, and MF Doom. With a solid foundation of 12 years in rhyming and 7 years in battle rapping, UllNevaNo's experience is extensive. He is not just content with his past achievements; he is constantly looking to expand his horizons into various industry projects. His promotional work for the Los Angeles-based record label “Stones Throw” led to the release of a series of mixtapes, notably the "Color Brown" series where he rhymes over Kev Brown instrumentals and its sequel with Apollo Brown’s beats. His collaborative spirit has seen him work with a slew of producers such as Nick the 1da, God Sense Beats, Heroes 4 Hire, Illien Rosewell, and MANHE, among others. His projects with Logic Marselis on "Dustin Grime" and with Jr Swiftz on “Technical Foul” showcase his adaptability and relentless pursuit of growth in his craft. With an expansive catalog and a continuous improvement in his work, UllNevaNo shows no signs of slowing down, promising an exciting future in his musical journey.