The Truth In This Art with Multimedia Artist Pierre Bennu

The Truth In This Art with Multimedia Artist Pierre Bennu

Pierre Bennu: The Healing Power of Art

In this inspiring episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee sits down with the vibrant multimedia artist Pierre Bennu. They chat about Pierre's life in New York and how it feeds into his art, revealing the healing power of his creative process. Pierre shares his commitment to eco-friendly art and the raw, instinctual forces that drive his creations. He opens up about the joys of collaboration and the strength found in artistic communities. Hear Pierre's take on the impact of audience reactions and the enduring influence of art on society. He also gives us a peek into his creative habits, his "Dear Artist" project, and his thought-provoking documentary "One Person One Vote," highlighting the role of often overlooked media. Wrapping up, Pierre discusses the theme of artistic self-assurance and extends an invitation to explore his work online. Join us for this engaging conversation that will surely resonate with artists and art lovers alike.

Episode Highlights:
Welcoming Moments (00:00:10)
Rob Lee warmly kicks off the podcast, welcoming listeners and introducing his guest, Pierre Bennu, setting the scene for an engaging conversation.
Art as a Healing Force (00:06:56)
Pierre opens up about the therapeutic nature of creativity, transforming love into art and art into a form of healing.
A Spectrum of Expression (00:11:28)
Pierre discusses his drive to experiment with numerous mediums, his quest to keep creativity fresh, and his strategy for bringing ideas to life.
Art Meets Commerce (00:15:06)
Pierre dives into the delicate interplay between monetizing art and creating for personal growth, questioning the necessity of commercializing every creation.
The Altarpiece Initiative (00:18:19)
Pierre describes his impactful "video altar piece" project, his contributions to BLM, and the celebration of Black Futures Month on a global scale.
Freedom in Artistry and Collaboration (00:22:06)
Pierre shares his perspective on creative autonomy, the power of saying no, and the journey of evolving as an artist within collaborative spaces.
Heroes as Humans (00:27:11)
Pierre highlights the significance of humanizing our heroes, drawing inspiration from their lives, and filling in the narrative gaps.
exittheapple: A Visionary Space (00:29:48)
Pierre provides insight into the ethos of exittheapple, its growth, and its commitment to fostering and nurturing creative spirits.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Embrace the therapeutic power of creativity to navigate life's challenges and find personal healing.
  2. Foster sustainable art practices to ensure the longevity and environmental consciousness of your work.
  3. Value collaboration and seek connections with others to enrich your artistic endeavors and personal growth.
  4. Recognize the importance of self-validation in your artistic journey and the lasting impact your work can have on future generations.
Website and Social Media:
X: @exittheapple
Instagram: exittheapple
Facebook: Exittheapple
LinkedIn:  Pierre Bennu

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